Samson Sound and Lighting is the best event Lighting in Los Angeles for 10 years due to their ability to provide full-service packages for your performance or event.The services they offer our lighting, sound, live streaming, video, and projection. From hanging a projector in your home to putting on a full-scale show for a national talent, they will be able to deliver you the highest quality services in the business. When it comes to event production both live and virtual, Samson Sound and Lighting is your One-Stop shop. Get started with the best today and request your quote for whatever event production you are in need of.

As they are the best event Lighting in Los Angeles, they have worked with some of the most recognizable acts, companies, and brands in the world. These include aston martin, open table, air china, boys & girls club, brentwood country club, hilton, hitco, jones day, league of legends, qsc, sag aftra, sheraton, spacex, steve aoki, twitter, ucla, city walk, and the wall street journal. Therefore, they are able to provide full-service to whatever that you may have no matter how small or big. They also do events like weddings, corporate events, music videos, or whatever else you may be in need of. They have you covered no matter what.

Samson Sound and Lighting is the best event Lighting in Los Angeles due to the fact that they are driven by their passion for making your performance the best it possibly can be. Bigger the business for so long, they have seen how common it is for a event production company to make a great performance a very average performance and that is something that should never happen yet does happen quite often. Don’t let this happen to your event or performance and contact Samson Sound and Lighting today to let them make your event or moment Shine the brightest.

Samson Sound and Lighting will bring the most state-of-the-art equipment to your event as well as the best engineers and designers the industry has to offer. If you are looking for lighting Services, they have the best lighting page. If you’re looking for sound design, they have the best sound equipment and Engineers, if you’re looking for live streaming, they know how to do it the best. If you’re looking for a projection they will be able to install the highest quality Equipment in your home or wherever you need projection. If you are looking for a videography, they will be able to provide you with the best music video you can find.

If you are in need of any of these services or would like to work with the best in the business, then contact Samson Sound and Lighting today by visiting their website at and learning more about the services they have to offer as well as hearing from their previous clients. If you would prefer speaking with them on the phone, please give them a call A (310) 499-3079 where you are going to have any of your questions answered as well as requesting a quote through the telephone.

Best Event Lighting in Los Angeles | Leading The Performance

If you want to work at the best event Lighting in Los Angeles for your upcoming Performance, Event, or show, please contact them today. Samson Sound and Lighting previous 10 years of experience and even more in the professional industry to your next project. Do not compromise on this as we all know it can go south quickly. They will be able to offer you comprehensive services and make sure that they have full control of your performance. These Services include projection, lighting, sound, live streaming comment and videography. Samson Sound and Lighting truly is your One-Stop shop for any event production or life or virtual program.

Whether you need all of these services or just one, they still provide the best event Lighting in Los Angeles. They listen to all of their clients long before any concert, party, wedding, or corporate event is scheduled to hear their imagination of what they want to see so they can begin designing it exactly as you want it to look. Well done lighting that is correctly placed can change the entire night. They can also change it to your preferences if you want it elegant and classic or more modern and hip. They also have the most state-of-the-art equipment in led up lights, led wash lights, mini led wash lights, custom logo lighting, pinspots, leko lighting, moving head lights, follow spotlights, and more.

If you have planned an event with the best event Lighting in Los Angeles or without them yet have not been able to follow through due to the current environment, then their live streaming services will surely Shine for you. They’re able to livestream weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs, Christmas parties, concerts, graduations, trade shows and much more. If your event got canceled, Samson Sound and Lighting gives the opportunity to keep it alive and keep the show going. If you are in need of a studio for this live streaming service and do not have one of your own, no need to worry. Samson Sound and Lighting will welcome you to their own Studio where you can host your event from.

When you are talking about sound services, this is potentially the most important part of any performance or event. Some say that the modern audience can deal with bad video quality but they can never deal with that audio quality. Therefore, Samson Sound and Lighting will be able to see if you have the best sound you could possibly create. They have the most state-of-the-art mixing boards, microphone, cables, and all audio gear to make this happen right. They also will continually take an active approach and make sure you sound the way you should. They will have audio Engineers who are constantly checking in tracking the audio with their iPads and leveling out your sound.

If you are in need of any of the services or would like to utilize these extra services for your event, please give their website a visit at Where you’ll be able to learn more about these Services as well as what is available to you. If you would like to speak with a representative instead, please give me (310) 499-3079 what the weather is and will be more than glad to answer any questions you have. Also, feel free to connect with them on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.