For Los Angeles Event Lighting, look no further than Samson Sound and Lighting. We are the most amazing lighting and sound companies you will find in the greater LA area. This is because we know all about parties and are able to make your party epic and fantastic. Our owner, Elliot Samson, has been in the music industry’s entire life. This led him to opening up a lighting system company for the last 10 years because he knows what it takes to make an epic party. He has been a musician and drummer for many touring band across the United States. He has hit albums, and his experience has led him to lighting for different parties and events.

A Los Angeles Event Lighting company should be able to fit your needs and your specific requests. This is why we are confident that we can fit your requests into our budget and schedule. We provide excellent customer service to our customers to make their parties fantastic. We are an innovative team that knows how to have a party that will be the best that you have ever thrown. Our attention to detail is unbelievable which will make your party amazing. We can personalize any audio or video quality to you and meet your specific specifications or needs at your party. We maintain the our gear costly and make sure it is always working fantastic so that you will never have a problem your party.

Our Los Angeles Event Lighting company, Samson Sound and Lighting, treats our customers like family. This is why we have an outstanding repetition across the greater LA area, because we know how to treat our customers. Our customers make sure that they call us again and again because we make sure that we are there for them. Artest the detail of our customers is unbelievable and amazing. We also offer a videography services to our customers. If you haven’t seen one of our videos, you are missing out. We make our videos fresh and fun because we are not a single camera videography team, but a multi-camera team. We send people out into the field, and this make sure that other people are in your video as well. This will make your video one the people want to watch for years to come.

Not only do we offer videography services, but Samson Sound and Lighting offers excellent audio services well. We have a sound system that is second to none. Our exceptional quality and attention to detail make sure that the sound it your party is unbelievable. If you ever been to a party that is too loud, or not loud enough, you know we are talking about. We need to have parties that have exceptional sound and exceptional lighting so that you make sure that your party is fantastic and you can just go and have a good time. Leave the rest up to us.

So if you are throwing a party or having a wedding, bar mitzvah, Christmas party, graduation, or even at a tradeshow, we can help you with your experience. Please call (310) 499-3079 and visit to let Samson Sound and Lighting help you today.

How Does The Los Angeles Event Lighting Set You Up?


Los Angeles Event Lighting and sound companies are all over the place, but there is only one that will fit your specific needs. Welcome to Samson Sound and Lighting. Our owner, Elliot Samson, has been in the lighting industry for over 10 years. Before that, he was a musician and drummer going on tour with many of the best rock groups today. He has many hit albums to his credit, and his experiences led him to lighting. He knows what makes a good concert and he is passionate about the visual element when it comes to a party. The importance of aesthetics is very important to our company.

Many Los Angeles Event Lighting companies do not have the services that we offer. We make sure we provide exceptional customer service to our customers to make sure that their lives and parties are epic. We are an innovative team that make sure that we have a unbelievable attention to detail for your party. We know your party specific to you, so we meet your specific needs. We personalize your audio and video quality to make sure that we are meeting your needs as our client. This is why many of our clients come back to us year after year. We make sure that our gears costly check to maintain so that when we get to your party, there will be no mishaps or problems. We treat our customers like family.

We are the Los Angeles Event Lighting company for you. We have many different types of services that we can offer you, and one of them is videography. We make our videos fresh, fun, and dynamic. We have many different types of packages available for you to choose from so if you are wondering what you can choose from us, please go to the website and choose one that fits your needs. Our team interaction the crowd with your guests so that you will know who was there and you can see how much fun they are having. We are a multi-camera crew that goes into the crowd and make sure that we get plenty of videos of everybody that is there.

We provide excellent audio services to all of your parties as well. If you are having a wedding, many times you may not see who was there because you are so busy. This is why we go into the crowd to make sure that we get videos of everyone who was there so you can watch it for years to come and make sure that is an epic and fantastic video for the rest of your life.

We also offer lighting and sound services to many of our clients. If you are looking for an LED experience or you have some sort of custom logo needs to be lit up from us, we can do that for you as well. Many people don’t understand the types of options that are available to them to make their party amazing. So if you’re looking for a company that can make your party last four years in people’s memories, please visit or call (310) 499-3079 today and let Samson Sound and Lighting do all of the work for you what you to enjoy the best memory of your life.