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Don’t just settle for any event production company. Let Samson Sound and Lighting handle your event and see why we’re LA’s best and most reliable event production company. Fill out the form below and provide us with any and all details pertaining to your next special event!

Best LA Event Lighting

Now you might be asking yourself, “Self, how can Samson Sound and Lighting claim to be the best Event Production Company in Los Angeles?”. We’re so glad you asked! To start, we are passionate about giving you the best possible pricing for your event. We beat any competitor’s advertised pricing and offer incredible deals to all of our customers. Now your next question might be, “What… are these people insane?”. While no professional diagnosis has been given about our mental state, we still take your budget very seriously. Our years of experience in the field of event production in Los angeles has given us a better understanding of what it truly costs to produce an incredible event. Why get nickel and dimed to the tune of $3,000 to $10,000 for a basic AV event? Let Samson Sound and Lighting save you money while also exceeding all of your specific lighting design, sound production, or projection needs.


You might also find yourself wondering, “Self again, how long has this company been in the lighting and sound production business?”. Samson Sound and Lighting has been providing the greater Los Angeles area with professional event production services for over 10 years.

Do you find yourself pondering, “Self, who all has Samson Sound and Lighting serviced in their ten plus years of Los Angeles event production? Also… why am I talking to myself so much?”. We can’t answer the second part of that question for you, however we do not judge either. What we can do is provide you with an extensive list of some of our amazing clients. Samson Sound and Lighting has provided services such as Event production, lighting design, lighting production corporate event planning, projection, sound production, and audio visual production for the following: Steve Aoki, The Doors, Air China, Ralphs, The Wall Street Journal, Twitter, League of Legends, Legacy Effects, Chicago, Boysand Girls Clubs of America, and many more!

Do you ever wonder if planning your event production will be difficult? Rest assured that Samson Sound and Lighting takes care of the hard work and leaves you completely stress free. Our event production experts will walk you through every step of the design and execution processes. We also provide a technician on site at every single event to ensure that your lighting, sound, and projections are all running smoothly. Why sacrifice enjoying your own event when we can do it for you?

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