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Experience Sound That Transports Your Audience Beyond Downtown LA

Whether you’re jamming out at a concert in the suburbs or yawning through a corporate event, the difference between a good time and a snooze-fest is having a sound team with skills that pay the bills. With the best sound in Downtown Los Angeles, our professional sound pros get you rocking on.

Get ready to rock and roll with the best sound equipment and team in Los Angeles. Whether it’s a festival, concert or recital, our pros have got your back from setup to clear-up, ensuring your event is nothing short of legendary. 

With our passion for live event tech and obsession with the best sounds of Los Angeles, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat, from the inspiring words of your speaker to the electrifying guitar solo. You’ll be hitting replay more often than you realize.

Midas Mixer

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Sound Wizards Of Downtown LA

Get ready to blow your audience’s minds (and eardrums) with our live sound services that are better than a superhero’s superpowers. Our team of sound wizards will transform your event in Downtown Los Angeles into an epic auditory adventure that your guests won’t forget.

Whether you’re planning a concert or hosting a keynote speaker in Downtown Los Angeles, our team of expert technicians ensure your sound is on point.

Live Sound

Are you ready to take your audience to another dimension? Our technical expertise and high-tech equipment will transport your LA event from mediocre to mind-blowing. Let us mesmerize your audience with our amazing Los Angeles sound!


Ready to unleash the inner rockstar at your LA event? Let our sound experts handle the technical stuff so you can focus on shredding those power chords. Our gear is so awesome that you’ll want to replace your own with ours!

Keynote Speakers & Presenters

When it comes to speaking on stage, you don’t want to sound like Grandad’s Zoom call. Whether you’re inspiring the masses or dropping some knowledge bombs, our team will make sure your voice is as clear as day.


Our DJ sound services will have your guests moving and grooving all night long. We’ve got the freshest equipment and the hottest mixing skills, so get ready to bring the heat to your next event.

Video & Projection Integration

Make your audience go “wow” at your event in LA. Let us handle your video and projection integration needs. We’ll take your visuals and sound beyond amazing, leaving your guests in complete awe.

Broadcast Mixing

We capture every sound and mix from your event with our equipment. Whether it’s live streaming or a broadcast, we guarantee to deliver a sonic experience that’ll have your audience tuning in for more.

Multi-Track Recording

Our multi-track recording service is like a time machine that captures every detail. With our technical expertise, we make you feel like you’re right back in the middle of the action, whether you’re rocking out or listening in.

Mobile Technicians

With trusty iPads in hand, our sound wizards can mix sound on the go, bringing high-quality audio to any event, anywhere. From Malibu to downtown LA, you’ll be heard loud and clear.

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Make Melodies & More: Our Equipment

Equipment that rolls out the beats can make or break your event. With speakers that burst out the deep thrum of bass to consoles that mix up a groove, we deliver a sensational sound for an event that’s hotter than Downtown Los Angeles in August.

Tired of sounding like granny’s garbled messages? Fear not, because our team of audio experts will have sounding more like a rockstar than a relic. We’ll hold your hand (if you want us to) every step of the way so your audio reaches new heights, in Downtown LA and beyond.

Spellbinding Sound With Our Audio Equipment

Sure, you could rent the equipment and try to figure it out yourself, but let’s be real – you want expertise that works magic and leaves your audience spellbound.


With our mind-blowing speakers, we’ll have you serenading your audience and mesmerizing them with QSC speakers and mixers.


Our Shure wireless mics come in all shapes and sizes- from handheld to over-ear to lav/lavalier – for a perfect match for your LA event.


Make your event out of this world with our range of mixers, consoles, and mixing boards. We offer Midas and QSC digital mixing consoles to meet all your DJ needs.

Instrument Rentals

We’ve got everything for a gig that rocks – from Yamaha to DW drum sets, Zildjian cymbals to tube amps, Fender and Mesa Boogie to a Hartke amp. We have it all!

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Sound That’s Out Of This World: What’s Next?

Here at Samson, we know that no two events in Los Angeles are the same, and we’re all about embracing that uniqueness. That’s why we kick things off with a personalized discovery call to get to know you and your event inside and out. If you decide to take the plunge with us after the call, we’ll sweeten the deal with a juicy 10% off! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your event the talk of Downtown LA and beyond.

Next Steps

Our experts will dive straight into your event needs and come out with a event package to knock your socks right out of Downtown Los Angeles. We won’t pressure you with pesky sales pitches or gimmicky ploys — we like to keep our vibes positive and transparent.

The cherry on top? You get 10% off!

Don’t delay — let us work some audio magic for an epic event in Los Angeles.

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