Live-Streaming Services & Videography

Samson Sound and Lighting Is Much More Than Your Average Videography Company

With years of experience in the Audio Visual industry, we stand out in the crowd of videographers in numerous ways.

We have a saying around the Samson offices and that saying is, “We are not your grandfather’s videographer”. What does that mean exactly? It means we are passionate about providing you with the best in videography services that are not the average packages available within the industry. Our main focus when it comes to every video is to make 100% sure that each video is fresh, fun, and dynamic. After we provide you with your content, we want the experience of watching it to feel almost like you were there. That’s the kind of experience Samson Sound and Lighting brings to your videography needs.


Live Streaming Services:

We understand that events can be hard to organize or even have these days. That’s why Samson Sound and Lighting offers live streaming services. Let us help you bring your events to your audiences safely. Our live streaming services have helped to bring sermons to church audiences, have allowed students to safely enjoy their graduation ceremonies, aiding musicians in having successful virtual concerts, and have even made it possible for corporations to host award shows. There’s nothing we can’t help you accomplish with our brand of live streaming.



How Are Our Live Streaming Services Superior?

We bring energy to your live streaming events. Our team interacts with your crowd in order to make every event shoot fun and exciting. Not only do we make the event possible, but we also serve as your personal hype men.

Multi-cam shoots. We’re not the “set one camera on a tripod and leave it” kind of people. We understand that multiple angles are needed in order to fully realize your vision.

Nothing ruins a video faster than bad audio. Again, we’re sound experts! Your live streams will have the best in professional-grade audio when you book with us.


What kind of events can we shoot for you?


  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Christmas Parties
  • Concerts
  • Graduations
  • Trade Shows
  • And so many more!

Videography Services:

Event Videography: Samson Sound and Lighting specializes in capturing the essence of your events, big or small, and provides you with a video that feels more like an experience. Our videographers are intentional about providing more than just a few shots from your event. Our goal is to recreate your event and the overall vibe so that when you watch your video, you are taken back to the exact same experience.


What Makes Our Videography Services Different Than The Rest?

We don’t just show up, shoot, and then run. Whereas most videographers leave the event and you never see them again. We handle your entire video project from start to finish. Our timeline includes every single step: Shooting, editing, and even optimizing and posting your videos online

We focus on capturing your events in a fun, dynamic, and interesting way
We always utilize multiple cameras for shooting
Fast turnaround time
Short recap video within 24 hours to share on social media
There’s no videographer out there that can beat us when it comes to sound design and engineering. It’s practically in our name.
Disclaimer: We do not do broadcast television… Unless you want us to. If that’s the case, go ahead and call us.

Music Videos:


That’s right, we don’t just specialize in event videography. We also offer music video packages! Whether you have a concept and plan in mind, or if you need a little creative guidance to bring your musical cinematography to life, we’ve got you covered. Partner with Samons Sounds and Lighting and let us help you make your next music video an epic one.

Concept To Creation

Do you have an important corporate video that needs to be completed but your company doesn’t know where to start? Are you working on a solo passion project and find yourself lacking the industry knowledge of what to use? Maybe you just need a little push in the right, creative direction? No matter the project, our mission is to help you from concept to completion. With our Concept To Creation Services, We help you narrow down your core concepts and ideas and provide the perfect resources to bring your vision to life. Think of us as your personal concept sherpas.


Social Media Commercials For Businesses

Are you looking to take your business’s social media presence to a whole new level? Social media commercials can be a game-changer for a business and help to add much needed online exposure. However, we understand that not everybody has the same marketing budget as the bigger mega-corporations. That’s why we’ve focused on content creation for the small business owner to help even the competition. We can bring your commercial ideas to life, or help you through the design process and create your next slamming online advertisement together. Ask us about our social media commercial services today!


Full Feature Studio Space

Don’t have a place to host your live streaming event? Well, come on down to the Samson Sound and Lighting studio! Complete with built-in sound and lighting capability (additional production services available to enhance your experience). We make it possible for you to live stream or record video in the studio without having to worry about the additions of renting expensive studio time.

On location live streaming – Live events have always been a specialty of ours. We off full Multicam set up, rentals, and event planning for live events.