Downtown LA Event Lighting

Lights That Shine Brighter Than Hollywood

From Downtown Los Angeles to Malibu Beach, our lights dazzle brighter than the stars of Hollywood’s A-listers.

Light up your Los Angeles event with our experienced lighting team! Our crew will ensure your event shines brighter than the rest, from setting up lighting equipment to perfecting the ambiance with sparkling precision and professionalism.

Let your event glimmer and shine with the lights of Los Angeles when you work with us. From set up to teardown, our lighting crew are seasoned professionals in creating an ambiance that delights more than a Lakers game.

Put the spotlight on your event, whether it’s a tournament or an exhibition, with a personalized lighting experience to outshine Candy Cane Lane. With the best lighting team in South


Top Dogs Of South California For Event Lighting & More

Lighting can make or break your event faster than you can say “oops.” Our team of lighting experts are more dedicated to their craft than Quentin Tarantino.

Whether you’re throwing a gig, a gala, or even a graduation ceremony (sorry, we don’t supply the cap and gown), we’ve got your back. So, let’s light up your event and make it a night as unforgettable as the Oscars.

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LA Lighting Services To Make You Go “Ooh!”

At Samson Sound and Lighting, we don’t simply fiddle around with lightbulbs — we create an atmosphere. With lighting designers that have over 2 decades of experience, mixing up lights is a walk in the park.

We’re pros at making your events lit. Quite literally.

We’re just here to make your event look awesome! And we mean every aspect of your lighting needs – from the chandeliers to the spotlights down to the candles and tealights on the tables.

Our team of pros will be all over it like glitter glue. Your event will be so lit that your guests will have to wear shades, and they’ll be talking about it for weeks – or longer.

Types Of Lighting & Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Our lighting designers will make your LA event look as good as the best dressed of the red carpet. Lighting that’s as bespoke as A-list haute couture.

Decor Lighting

Lighting option to make your event sparkle more than the glitz of Hollywood! Let’s light up Downtown LA with a choice of colors and patterns.

Utility Lighting

With our solutions, our solutions are as practical and efficient as they come and you’ll be glad to have us on board for all your lighting needs.

Concert Lighting

We bring a selection that’s designed with your composition and sequence in mind by our skilled technicians who ensure a memorable concert for both performers and attendees in Los Angeles.

Video Lighting

Our video lighting solutions will make your visual content look so good, you won’t be able to stop watching! From live shows to pre-recorded footage, light up Downtown LA and beyond.

Programmed Lighting

Our programmed lighting is the key to creating a stunning visual experience at your Los Angeles event. With customized lighting effects that are nothing short of intricate, your event will take LA by storm.

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Make Your Event Glimmer & Glow With Our Equipment
We bring the glimmer of Hollywood to your event with our majestic lighting, thanks to our flash-tastic lighting equipment. With lights that are versatile and flicker-free, your event will run so smoothly you’ll forget we’re there. Whether you’re in LA or beyond, we’ve got the goods to make your event glow.

Get Los Angeles lit! With LED lights, uplights, pinspots and more, we have everything you need to meet your event’s lighting design needs down to the finest detail. Much like the gowns at the Oscars.

Our Equipment

LED Lights

Our LED lights are like a superhero – they save energy and create stunning lighting effects that’ll leave your event feeling like a blockbuster hit in Los Angeles!


Transform your event into a mystical wonderland with our uplights! Highlight walls or architectural features for a dramatic and ambient atmosphere that’ll leave your guests spellbound.

Wash Lights

Our wash lights are perfect for illuminating stages, bars, and buffets with a wide and even distribution of brightness that’ll make your LA event shine like a star.

Stage Washes

Stage washes illuminate your whole stage. For more precise control, Lekos, spotlights, and followspots will make you feel like a diva. Be the focus of your performance and shine bright like a diamond on stage!

LED Lekos

Our LED Lekos are perfect for creating a custom lighting design for your event. With a variety of stock patterns available, we can enhance any atmosphere and bring your vision to life.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is a type of advanced lighting system that can be programmed to create dynamic lighting effects for events. With moving heads and color-changing features, intelligent lighting can add an exciting visual element to any event.


Pinspots are compact lights that can highlight specific objects or areas — perfect for showcasing centerpieces, art installations, or any focal point in your event. Our pin spots will make your event shine.

Truss & Lighted Truss

We use trusses to support lighting and other equipment. Lighted trusses add a unique visual element to your conference or event. Let us help you with our truss and lighted truss options.

Pipe & Base

The Beyoncé of lighting systems! We’lll have it ready in no time, and you can place the lights wherever you want for the perfect atmosphere.

Moon Balloons

A one-of-a-kind feature that can infuse any environment with playfulness and thrill. This lighting is guaranteed to create a mesmerizing spectacle that will stay with your guests long after the occasion has ended.

Video Lighting

Our video lighting will creates stars on camera at any type of event in Los Angeles. We use the latest technology to make sure that every angle is covered for fabulous shots from all sides.

Black lights / UV Lights

Get ready to glow in the dark! Our black lights and UV lights are perfect for adding mind-blowing visual effects to your exhibition. They’ll create a fun and vibrant atmosphere that’ll have your guests speechless all night.


Ready to turn up the heat on your event? Our lasers will take it from good to electrifying! With a variety of laser effects to choose from, including simple beams and complex patterns and graphics, we’ll make sure that your guests are swept off their feet.

LED Lekos

Our LED Lekos are just what you need to for a theatrical effect. Add some haze, fog (standard, geysers, and low lying), dry ice, or even cold sparks! Let our expert team help you create an experience that’ll have your guests pulling their cameras out.

Learn more about our equipment by getting in touch or booking a consultation.

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Ready To Get Downtown Los Angeles Lit?

We’re ready to create lighting for an event that’ll take Los Angeles by storm.

Our Lighting, Your Event: What’s Your Next Move?

Step into the spotlight and create an event in Downtown Los Angeles with Samson Sound and Lighting! We’re not your average one-size-fits-all lighting company – we’ll chat with you to create a unique lighting plan that’ll work only for your event. And if you decide to roll with us, you’ll get a bonus 10% off your package.

At Samson Sound and Lighting, the only show we steal are our customized packages that fit your budget. With a brilliant team of lighting technicians on board, we will make sure your Los Angeles event shines as bright as the sun.
No sales pitches, just exceptional lighting and design expertise. And don’t forget that 10%

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